The Daily Dot: ‘Ear parties,’ luxury piercing, and the mothers yearning for control

Brian Keith Thompson, The Daily Dot

But it isn’t until I’m sitting in Body Electric Tattoo waiting to get pierced on a Tuesday afternoon before preschool pickup that I figure out why so many women I know, especially mothers, are into this particular trend. I begin chatting with a clean-cut woman in her early 30s with multiple dainty gold helix and lobe piercings. I tell her I’m in a rush to get pierced before my IVF transfer, which I’m nervous about.

“I think people are lashing out a little bit,” Brian Keith Thompson, who has owned Body Electric since 2006, tells the Daily Dot about his clientele, predominantly women in their 20s through 40s. “I have clients coming in and saying that they want to feel a different pain. Every time you turn on your TV, it’s just negative, negative, negative, negative, and you feel like you want to scream. And I think [piercing] is a way for people to say, ‘You know, fuck all this.’” FULL ARTICLE HERE