PopSugar: 3 Things to Know Before You Go In For a Piercing

3 Things to Know Before You Go In For a Piercing

Brian Keith Thompson, Body Electric Tattoo. Also pictured, Chiara Ferragni (L)

by Kirbie Johnson

With sites like Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest making a case for masterful, delicate, and multiple piercings, the pros have seen an influx of young clientele into their parlors. When it comes to emulating a celebrity's look, the sexiest — and possibly most attainable part, outside of their lipstick — is their body piercings. But celebs don't leave these accessories to just anyone, and neither should you.

Stars like Beyoncé and Bella Thorne trust Brian Keith Thompson of Body Electric Tattoo in Los Angeles to outfit their piercings. Brian, a leader in the industry since 1992 whose studio recently won a Best of Los Angeles Award, works to create a look that is tailored to each of his clients. "I don't have a chart I go by; I do it uniquely with every client," says Thompson. "I don't want to stereotype things. It's more organic than that. It's the way you come in dressed; it's the way you're wearing jewelry, your style. Are you a lawyer or a pop star? You can be a blonde lawyer and a blonde pop star and I'm going to pick different things." READ MORE