The Hollywood Reporter: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Your Next Piercing

Chief piercing officer Brian Keith Thompson of Body Electric Tattoo, a parlor frequented by Beyonce and Rihanna, on everything you need to know before your next appointment. (Except explaining your choice to your grandparents. That one’s on you.)

Just 20 years ago, getting piercings or tattoos was right up there with doing drugs and dropping out of high school (at least as far as this writer’s parents were concerned). But in the passing years, piercings, like hair in rainbow hues, have become not only accepted, but trendy, thanks in part to their ubiquity in both high fashion and in the celebrity crowd.

From Katy Perry’s red-carpet-ready nose ring, to Dior’s posh baubles, and even the more punk-inspired full-face looks as seen at Givenchy, the piercing parlor no longer holds the taboo that once repelled the upper crust... Read More: