Playboy: Master Piercer Gets to Work on His Clients—and Himself is proud to present the story behind Brian Keith Thompson’s stunning success as proprieter and head piercer at Body Electric Tattoo, alongside a gallery of him on the job. In addition, enjoy a slow-mo video of women reacting to getting their nipples pierced by Thompson for the first time—and brace yourself for a point-blank clip of Thompson piercing one of his own.

You’re bound to be enticed by the soothing energy inside of Body Electric Tattoo. With its funky yet tastefully decorated walls, handpicked vintage furniture and “no attitude” policy, it feels like a place you want to lounge in all day. Every single corner is impeccably clean by orders of owner Brian Keith Thompson, who is admittedly peculiar about doing things around the shop his way. It’s hard to believe that someone so genuine and professional was once sentenced to serve time in jail for accessory after the fact to first-degree murder. It’s not even until Thompson manages to make gut-twisting recipes learned in jail sound appetizing that you realize he’s an ex-convict.

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