Glamour Magazine: Constellation Piercings Are a Thing Now, and They're Ridiculously Pretty

We love piercings. We love them in our ears, in our noses, heck, even in our hair. Finally, we've passed the point of stigma, and having multiple piercings (or tattoos) is becoming seen and valued as a vehicle of self-expression.

Case in point: the latest piercing trend, constellation piercings—which are exactly as they sound, tiny clusters of delicate earrings that look like a design you might see in the sky. Of course, earring stacking is nothing new, but this particular take on it is getting a lot of attention in L.A. right now, as our friends over at Refinery29 pointed out. The man behind the sudden spike? Celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson, who has studded celebrities like Beyoncé and Scarlett Johansson at his parlor, Body Electric Studio). His Instagram is filled with gorgeous piercing combos that'll make you wonder why you only have one pair of earrings in your lobes right now... READ MORE