Mashable: The baby badass: How rebellion is more mainstream than ever

CEO and owner of Los Angeles' Body Electric tattoo parlor, Brian Keith Thompson advocates the belly button piercing for everyone regardless of their age or gender.

He tells Mashable, "Some clients come in and think it’s only for 16-year-olds. I pierce very successful mothers. I’ve pierced men’s navels; I’ve pierced my own. It’s not just for young girls anymore. It’s for anybody — whoever wants it."

As the baby badass gains followers, Thompson expects to pierce a lot more nipples in the future. "I'm doing them sometimes three, four, five times a day. I think they’re becoming so popular because it’s another piercing that no one has to see unless you want them to. It’s something that no one has to know about. I’ve pierced cardiothoracic surgeons from a local hospital, and you would never think when they’re meeting with their patients that they have their nipples pierced. It’s really been taking off."

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