Confessions of a Fat Girl: Tell Me About Your Tattoo

You know what was REALLY tempting? When a tattoo shop offered to let me review their talent and services. I mean.... Look. Tattoos are not cheap so I really considered this. 

And before you bitch about the price of tattoos, here is my bit on that: When you're having something permanent added to your body, do you really want to go for cheap or do you want to go for amazing quality? Me thinks the latter. 

Anyway, I was tempted.... But I passed. I couldn't do that to my mother. At least... not in public. 

But I have to tell you, I love tattoos. If I ever see one peaking out from a sleeve, I will always ask to see the whole thing. If it isn't obvious, I'm also going to ask if it's symbolic for something. I'll probably also ask where the person had it done. 

Like 'em or not, tattoo fan or not, you gotta admire the detail. Keep in mind stuff like this takes hours

Visit the Body Electric Tattoo website for more information about a clean, quality, high-end shop with extremely talented artists. Owner Brian Keith Thompson has been engaged in revolutionizing the tattoo and piercing world. In an industry rife with not-so-personable practitioners and seedy establishments, Thompson and his Marine-Corps mentality have forged and fostered a brand-new experience for his patrons with a clean, modern, nonthreatening environment where customer service is the number-one priority. Better yet, wander over to Melrose in Hollywoood and see it in person. It's a beautiful spa-like place. No joke. I've seen some scary looking parlors -- this place is a gem.

For the latest tattooing and piercing happenings over there, they also have an Instagram.

Dare I say a tattoo would make one helluva last-minute Christmas gift? Hmmmm......? 

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